School’s out for the summer. And what am I doing? I’m stuck at home, sick. My head is pounding, throat parched, and nose congested. I rarely get sick, but this time it was my fault. I’d spent the day crying. I’m a sensitive person, perhaps too emotional.  It all started when I was hanging out with my friend and with her help I realized something. I run, I run away from confrontations. If I do not like something, I’ll walk away. If it came down to a fight or flight situation, I would be the first one on my feet. Anyways that scene culminated in an overdue emotional breakdown and now I’m dealing with the consequences.It’s been so long since I’ve gotten sick I have forgotten what it feels like. In other news our city had it’s second murder in the last 10 years. A women was shot to death near my high school. We live in the supposed safest city in the U.S. That probably was a dead-giveaway as to where I live. If only you could have seen how many officers were on the scene, it was incredible. The cops in our city are bored. Once when someone stole meat from Albertsons, the whole poultry section was closed off with police tape. There were forensic scientists fingerprinting the area. One would think a murder had been committed.


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