The Timeless Treasure of a Classic

It is the end. No longer can I look forward to a new chapter of the Harry Potter dynasty. The beauty in simplicity is the key to this book. Harry Potter may have just been a story that was true to the heart, but nonetheless a fantasy that had no real value in life. To me that was not that case. I’m young, yes, but the ONE thing that stayed the same throughout the years was Harry Potter. As I grew, as I changed, this story developed right along with me. I come from a family of travelers and I’m bad with coping, but what I had as my respite from this itinerant lifestyle was this series. Harry Potter was my rock. The people around me changed, the schools, the climate, but the one aspect that proved consistent was Harry. Today I pull these books out when I’m distressed, when I have nothing else to read, when I’m bored. I LOVE HARRY POTTER. IT WILL NEVER DIE AS LONG AS I AM ALIVE.


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