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My love life is pathetic. I have my romances, but there are no substantial relationships to date.  The relationships I form mainly consists of stalkers, people who end up hurting me, or people who I end up scaring off. I want to change that.

I was going through my email and deleting my old messages when I came across the starred category. There was only one email between me and a guy, a special guy. Throughout the year we had gotten to know each other and when he moved to Korea our communication did not end. We had emailed each other back and forth twelve times, but I was the one to cut it off. Those emails gave me strength where I was otherwise lacking it, really. I confided in this guy and he reciprocated. Each email might have been a page or two measured in Microsoft word. The contents of each documenting our lives. It was a simple, but heartfelt form of communication. Unfortunately it was also a long-distance relationship and for me that just didn’t work.  Every time I emailed him all I could think of was how I would never see him again. I ended it for my own selfish reasons, but at least now I have one nice relationship to date.


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