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Feather Earrings

I made a resolution to make my last three days at school my most fashionable. Each day I will try to wear at least one eccentric item of clothing. Today it was my vintage silver flowers necklace and my thick gold headband emblazed by tribal patterns and rhinestones. They are more low-key than they sound, but none the less unique. Based on the compliments I received, I think they worked well. I do not get called a vogue model everyday. To think, it only took peculiar jewelry to receive such high compliments.

Anyways I was at a loss. I did not know how to continue my fashionable streak through tomorrow. I picked out a semi-normal outfit. A shirt with low V cuts in the back and front and different shades of blue layering, complete with an in-between shade of blue skinny jeans and silver jeweled gladiator sandals.  It was missing that essential peculiarity. I was thinking about doing something with my hair, but my hair is a disagreeable mood refusing to put up with anything but waves.  I was on the point of giving up when I decided to rummage through my sister’s endless jewelry collections. That’s where I found these:

I finally have my own feather earring. Notice how I say earring. I really like big feather earrings, but only wearing one. Two is excessive; on the other ear I simply wear a stud. The one feather earring  tends to create a hair extension look that I personally love.  This one earring changed the entire look of my outfit.  I’m not one to keep up with fashion trends, but I think they’re going to be all the rage this summer.


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