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Cult Classic

Inspiration hit over the weekend and I had a bout of creativity. I turned my unattractive purse into a striking convertible shoulder bag/clutch. Lately I’ve been seeing tiny pouches with long straps everywhere. I absolutely adore these petite shoulder bags, daintily draping over the shoulder.

My younger sister owns one with a delicate golden chain-link, but other than that it was clearly preferred for its brand name, Juicy Couture.  My older sister is in possession of one in a reflecting black shade embellished with a silver jeweled brooch. Mostly I am accustomed to seeing these shoulder bags simply did up in leather with tan and earthy tones.  They flatter taller and curvier figures best, bringing out length, adding height to a natural width.

After a few adjustments from a hammer, cutting metal with scissors, and a throbbing bruised elbow my designing was complete. My very own creation doubles as a shoulder bag and clutch. The long strap is made of a sturdy black rope material. My favorite part of the ensemble is the pouch/purse. The body resembles a curved trapezoid. Each side has an exclusive pattern giving definition to the black silk. The main sides include themes of emerald peacock feathers, fiery red dragon scales, and calming blue mist. The silver clasp makes it remarkably easy to pop open and closed and shines edgily against the silk. The shoulder bag can be taken from an everyday, casual atmosphere to a clutch with an elegant evening gown.  The sheer versatility and personality that this accessory conveys makes me proud to be its creator.

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Burning the Midnight Oil

It’s that time of year, finals. Without fail seeing that word makes me groan. My weekend was spent cramming logarithms and conic sections. My brain is still frazzled.

During a study break I played Russian Roulette Tea and I received an herbal mango passion fruit flavor. It sounds delightful, doesn’t it? The tea had a wonderful aromatic scent and I thought it would soothe my tense nerves. Instead it tasted like bitter orange jello, leaving a burning sensation in my throat. At least it kept me awake.

Tea amongst Study Materials:

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I know in these photos my books and papers are all over the place. My study materials lying in a state of utter disarray are good indicators that I’ve studied well. Right now they are in a neat pile next to this laptop, proving that I have not studied one bit. I have completed two out of my six finals and I passed those with high-flying colors. Now I just have the remaining four to study for. Thinking about it sends my stress levels racing yet again.

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